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Oregano is a species of the mint family native to Europe the Mediterranean region and southern and central Asia. It is a perennial herb growing to 20-80 cm tall with opposite leaves 1-4 cm long. The flowers are purple 3-4 mm long produced in erect spikes.

Culinary Use
Oregano is an important culinary herb.

It is particularly widely used in Turkish, Greek, Spanish and in Italian cuisine.

It is the leaves that are used in cooking and the dried herb is often more flavourful than the fresh.

Oregano is often used in tomato sauces, fried vegetables and grilled meat.

Together with basil it contributes much to the distinctive character of many Italian dishes.  Oregano combines nicely with pickled olives, capers and lavage leaves.

Unlike most Italian herbs oregano works with hot and spicy food which is popular in southern Italy.

 Oregano is an indispensable ingredient in Greek cuisine. Oregano adds flavor to Greek salad and is usually added to the lemon-olive oil sauce that accompanies many fish or meat barbecues and some casseroles.

 In Turkish Cuisine oregano is mostly used for flavoring meat especially for mutton and lambs meat.

In barbecue and kebab restaurants it can be usually found on table together with paprika salt and pepper.

It has an aromatic warm and slightly bitter taste. It varies in intensity; good quality oregano is so strong that it almost numbs the tongue but the cultivars adapted to colder climates have often unsatisfactory flavor. The influence of climate season and soil on the composition of the essential oil is greater than the difference between the various species.

The dish most commonly associated with oregano is pizza.

Its variations have probably been eaten in Southern Italy for centuries.

Oregano became popular in the US when returning WW2 soldiers brought back with them a taste for the ''pizza herb''.


Oregano Leaves Cut

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