• Himalayan Salt 1kg Rock

Himalayan Salt

Salts are essential in our daily lives. Without salt, you cannot define any taste something that is sweet, bitter, and of course salty. Salts are important not just in spas but in the kitchen as well. Primarily, salt is essential in the kitchen as it helps recipe achieve its taste.

Himalayan Salt uses are not limited to be utilized as an attractive crystalline salt lamp but cooking as well. Himalayan salts can be defined as Himalayan Salt Blocks, plates, platters and bricks. These forms of Himalayan salts can be used in the following;

Sautéing – is a technique of food preparation that requires a small amount of fat in a shallow pan over relatively high heat. Himalayan salt in used when sautéing to give a desirable taste to the cooked food.

Grilling – applying the right amount of refined Himalayan salt in grilling food makes the food taste amazing.

Chilling – is a kind of food preparation in a controlled system that is designed to provide more flexibility in service. It involves cooking the food in full followed by chilling and storing them at controlled temperature. to give more preservation to the food, Himalayan salt is also used.

Curing – is a type of food preservation that uses salt.  Curing means saving or preserving your foods with the use of salts.

Since Himalayan salts is also great for cooking, the use of salt in the curing process helps to obtain the best flavour for your meats.

Baking – when baking, salt is also needed and Himalayan salt can be used here too.

Packed with 84 trace minerals and elements, Himalayan salts are a great addition to the cooking experience as it generate more benefits due to its abundance in minerals.

The minerals that the salt contains are also needed by the body which in turn promotes health and wellness.


Himalayan Salt 1kg Rock

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